About Me...

Having a Positive Impact on Our Children's Education

As a former School Finance Administrator, making a positive impact on our children's education has been truly fulfilling. Contrary to the stereotypical view of finance professionals as strict and limiting, I have always embraced a more creative approach. In fact, my catchphrase, "You can have anything you want; you just can't have everything you want," reflects my ability to find innovative solutions within budgetary constraints.

Challenging the Notion

I take great pride in challenging the notion that numbers people lack creativity. In my experience, creativity is an essential trait for success in the field of finance. By thinking outside the box and leveraging my analytical skills, I have consistently found ways to maximize resources and optimize outcomes.

Finding Meaning and Purpose

Throughout my journey of healing from long-term narcissistic abuse, I embarked on a quest to find meaning and purpose once again. It was during this transformative time that I stumbled upon Pinterest, and to my surprise, my brain started tingling with excitement. As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, I began to see the value in sharing my story and connecting with others who were overcoming similar challenges.

Igniting Sparks of Inspiration

Sparks of inspiration ignited a newfound hope within me, which I believed was forever lost. Determined to immerse myself in this new world, I spent countless hours watching videos, reading blogs, and absorbing every bit of knowledge I could find. It was during this exploration that a single word kept resonating in my mind - "flare," symbolizing my renewed sense of purpose.

The 'Flare your Everywhere' Initiative

Motivated by a deep-seated desire for living an authentic life, I developed the 'Flare your Everywhere' initiative. This idea quickly became the driving force behind a transformative phase in my life, as I recognized the opportunity to assist others in turning pain into purpose, sparking their own flames of creativity, and pursuing a life of fulfillment.

I invite you to become a part of my adventure, connecting with others and myself as we collectively strive to Flare your Everywhere!


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